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Chian's metal stamping die optimization industrial layout

China's metal stamping die optimization industrial layout

It is understood that since the formation of the stamping die industry in China, it has developed rapidly, accounting for 40.33% and 25.12% of the total import and export volume of molds, and has become one of the important exporters in the international stamping die field.

The adjustment of the layout of the domestic metal stamping die industry is a natural trend of economic development. After the accumulation of technology, talent, and funds in these years, the eastern region will gradually transform into a high-end product production base, and the emerging gathering place will undertake some low-grade production. This division of labor is reasonable, breaking the past with a single product, a serious regional homogeneity, but also for China's mold industry to provide a ladder of development.

The domestic stamping die industry is continuously catching up with the world advanced level and continuously narrowing the technological gap with developed countries. Many domestic precision stamping dies have been able to compete with imported products in terms of main performance. The overall level of the industry has been significantly improved, not only to achieve import substitution, but also A considerable part of the production is exported to the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries and regions.

Although the domestic precision stamping dies and developed countries still have a certain gap, but in accordance with the current domestic industry development, in the next few years, the domestic stamping die industry will surely catch up with, become the backbone of the development of the domestic mold industry, improve the overall technology industry The level of development to a higher level. The mold industry further enhances the level of technology and craftsmanship, and will greatly increase the ability of domestic companies to grasp the market, and thus achieve double qualitative changes in industrial scale and technology within the next five to ten years.

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